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Updated: Aug 21

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  1. ON Caching in your Page : cached load much faster. Go to Pages and ON caching to improve Loading speed.

  2. Design in good Manner : A fine and Simple design improves Loading Time.

  3. Image improve : We do recommend using JPG images rather than PNG images. Keep in mind Using Vector Images improves Site Loading.

  4. Font types : Your site should have no more than 3 or 4 different fonts on a page. Bold, underline or italics, are considered as different fonts. So use these tyles only when necessary.

Use these fronts to improve speed such as Arial, Comic Sans, Georgia, Impact and Times New Roman.

5. Use of videos : A good compromise is not to overuse social videos (e.g., youtube, vimeo, facebook) on your pages, especially above the fold (the part of the page that is visible for visitors, before scrolling down).

Only use video if necessary.

6. Special Effects : These effects firstly download then show in your Page. Use special effects, such as animations and slideshows, wisely. We recommend Only use video if necessary.

7. Homepage Design : Make sure to add meaningful content there, so your visitors have relevant and useful information to read while the rest of your site loads. Use of Videos and animations in Home page can take more loading time.

8. Third Party Apps and site : Wix cannot optimize them and therefore they may create an overhead on your site’s loading time. 

Third Party Apps are driven by their own server.

Apply these tips and Surely you will get A good result.